Crvena zvezda is the winner of annual Reba Corkovic U15 Belgrade tournament which took place in Belgrade from 19th until 22nd December. Partizan ended up tournament as a second placed, Mega Bemax was third and AS Basket took fourth place.

Tournament MVP was Lazar Gacic from Crvena Zvezda while Petar Avlijas from Mega took award for the best scorer of event.

Read more about top prospects from this event in next lines:

  • Lazar Gacic

Gacic was the MVP and one of the best scorers of the tournament. He is one of the most intriguing long term prospects from Serbia. 6’8 tall forward was the best player of winning side Crvena Zvezda. Gacic impresses with his size and length at first place. Still needs time to work on his coordination but moves very fluidly for his size and age. Late bloomer will need time to develop his body and becomes stronger. Has good athletic potential, too. Offensivelly, Gacic is very versatile attacker who shows he can play well both from the low post and perimeter. Has very long first step which helps him drive by defenders when faces up. His long arms help him not to get reached and blocked when finishes around the hoop. Has good feeling for the game, doesn’t make too many mistakes on this level. Improved his jumper, specially in terms of shot motion and mechanics. Still needs time to become more accurate shooter, but improvement is visible. Does good job protecting the paint on defensive end mostly thanks to his outstanding size and length.

  • Andrija Vukovic

Vukovic is very productive in U15 category right now mostly because of his pre matured body which helps him to dominate physically at this level. Just like his teammate Gacic, Vukovic can attack both from low post and perimeter. Inside the paint mostly uses his strength to score around the rim. Usually finishes only with his right hand. His size enables him to score over defenders and not to get blocked. Should work on weaker hand finishing. Has long enough first step which helps him drive with one or two dribbles from perimeter. 6’7 forward runs the floor very well, showed he can score in transition and in fast break situations. Defensively, has ability to guard multiple positions and switch with smaller players. Has quick enough legs for this level, but needs to upgrade it for higher level in future.

  • Ognjen Stankovic

6’3 guard was leader and the most productive player of second placed team- Partizan. Stankovic is a very talented and versatile attacker, specially when ball is in his hands. Able to create points for himself. Has very fluid jumper and quick enough release. Occasionally, forces not neccessary tough shots. Can score from distance in rows. 1vs1 offense is not his major strength but he is crafty enough to penetrate to the hoop, specially when guarded by slower defenders. Has soft touch, can finish drives with floaters and some runners. Could be stronger when finishes in contact but it will be solved when body gets stronger in coming years. Should be giving more energy on defensive end, long arms help in stealing the ball from opponent’s ball handlers.

  • Petar Avlijas

Guard from Mega Bemax was top scorer of the tournament with 78 points scored in 3 games. Avlijas is first offensive solution in his team so this number of points is not a wonder. Has ability to play as a primary ball handler, too, if needed. He has very accurate jumper from mid and long range considering his age. Not the best ball handler but has ability to create open positions for himself to shoot and score. Avlijas is a scoring first guard but likes to try too much and force occasionally. Has good size and decent length for 2005. born guard, stands at 6’3 currently. Body is still developing, lacks of strength and quickness off his legs a bit but it is a short term problem. Could be more aggressive defender.

  • Danilo Dozic

Well sized big guy is another interesting long term prospect from Mega Bemax. Beside size, Dozic has nice length and very good athletic potential. Still a bit raw offensivelly, will need time to polish his skillset. However he can be very productive inside and around the paint with his stronger, right hand. Has ability to drive by his opponents, thanks to very long step he has, too. Needs improvement on his jumpshot and left hand finishing. Very mobile for his size, runs the floor well without the ball and moves fluidly on the court. Defensively, can protect the paint thanks to his size, length and already solid athleticism.

Notable mentions:

Aleksa Pamucina- Partizan
Djordje Simic- Crvena Zvezda
Bogdan Lutovac- Crvena Zvezda
Lazar Tasovac- AS Basket
Matija Stamenic- AS Basket