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Serbian prospects is basketball scouting service and website, established in 2018, that provides all the information about youth basketball players in Serbia.

We cover all the games, tournaments and all other major events which take place in Serbia. To all our clients, we offer player ratings, scouting reports, evaluation, news and many more information about all the top rated players in Serbia.

In addition to that, we follow all the youth Serbian players who play abroad(European leagues, NCAA, High school basketball), as well as national team games and tournaments.

NCAA Division 1 coaches are permitted to subscribe to this service for Men’s basketball.

Who are we?


Ivan Mitrovic

Founder of Serbian Prospects

Born on 7th June 1996 in Belgrade, Serbia.
Started playing basketball in his hometown at age of 6. Played it on various levels in Serbia and abroad, as well(United States, Luxembourg).
After finishing senior year of High school in the USA, started Sports Management studies in Belgrade. Currently obtaining his bachelor degree.
In 2018, founded ‘Serbian Prospects’, the only NCAA approved scouting service about youth Serbian players and their development.


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Ognjen Stranjina

Director of Scouting

Born on 2nd August 1997 in Belgrade, Serbia.
Finishing his bachelor studies in basketball at Faculty of Sport and Physical Education.
Played basketball for 10 years in a local club. Stopped playing due to university obligations.
Involved in NBA Jr Serbia organisation since 2017.
Was a member of BWB Europe camp organisation in Belgrade, 2018.
Works as a main scout at ‘Serbian Prospects’ since 2018.