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3 ILIĆ Dalibor

Small forward, Power forward
Current Team
3 ILIĆ Dalibor, BC Mega Bemax

Ilić is an 6’9” athletic forward who is already a legit senior player having 15+ minuter per game in ABA League. Won U18 EC in 2018 with Serbian NT. He was the MVP of Republika Srpska’s first senior league with average of 27 index rating points in the same year. Great athletic abilities, high level mobility, runs the floor well with and without the ball. Has solid court vision. Can put the ball on the floor, but has room to improve ball handling skills. Can drive to the hoop when guarded by slower bigs. Finishes easily with both hands. Uses his great body strength to finish inside the paint. Aggressive finisher above the rim. Not a finesse type of forward. Great rebounder thanks to tremendeous athleticism and long arms. Grab and go type of player, can push the ball right after grabbing a rebound. Good defender overall, specially on ball defender thanks to his length and good lateral movements. Can guard all positions in defense. Has room to improve and fix his shot form. If he improves ball handling and perimeter shot, could be a NBA prospect.


  • athleticism
  • body strength
  • size and length
  • rebounding, grab and go abilities
  • ability to play in and out


  • can improve ball handling
  • lacks of 3pt shot
  • not a creator in offense

U19 ABA League stage 1 review:

DALIBOR ILIĆ– Captain of U18 Serbian NT played this tournament on expected level. ’00 born forward is already a legit senior player who averages 13.4 minutes per game in ABA league(had couple of 20+ minutes games so far) so his performances at this stage shouldn’t be surprise, specially knowing that level of the tournament is not really the highest possible. Still had enormous stats, averaged 29ppg, 17.1rpg(7.3orpg), 3.5apg and 4.3 blocks per game. 6’9 forward is true leader of this team and mostly thanks to his performances they will play on Final Four tournament. Athletic PF with good body strength dominated in the paint, knows how to create position for himself, both with and without the ball. Missed few open layups, though, but scored 90% of his points around the rim, dunked every time he had possibility for it. Not finesse type of post player, but strong and sure finisher in the paint and above the rim. Good PnR screener, reads PnR situation very well, knows when to go for a deep or short roll, or even for a pop. Great rebounder, real grab and go type of player, takes the ball to the front court as soon as he grabs defensive board. Shows high maturity for his age, experience of playing on senior level for couple of years already is more than visible. Shot is main concern, and doesn’t show any big time improvement. He did score 2/2 behind the 3p line vs Mega in the last game of the tournament, but it’s not good enough to be a long term offensive weapon.Struggles from the FT line, as well, misses them in rows, had 24/42 on the tournament. Defensively, uses physical tools and athleticism to guard almost all 5 positions. Great rim protector and shot blocker. Beside Nemanja Popovic and Aleksandar Langovic who are year younger, the biggest prospect coming from this tournament.


U18 European championship 2018 preview:

The biggest strength of 6’8” SF from Igokea is his tremendous athleticism. He was the MVP of Republika Srpska first league in senior category.  Had double double averages in u19 ABA league with 20.8ppg and 10.7rpg. Ilic is forward who can play both inside and outside, but lack of perimeter shot is biggest weakness at the moment. This will be 2nd EC for him, after solid performances at u16 EC in 2016, when he averaged 7ppg and 5.6rpg.


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2018Serbian NTFIBA u18 EC652042254555111001422641527171662.