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3 LANGOVIĆ Aleksandar

Power forward
Current Team
3 LANGOVIĆ Aleksandar, BC Mega Bemax

Langovic is a 6’9” versatile PF. He won MVP awards in u16 Zrenjanin tournament and in u17 final8 of Serbian league. Very sure finisher above the rim regardless he doesn’t have fully polished low post skills yet. Great when driving strong side from perimeter. 3pt shot has improved, hitting it now in solid percentages, but can be more constant. Great athleticism, very mobile for his size, runs the floor well, moves fluidly thanks to good coordination. Defensively, has good feeling for blocking shots, but has problems when guarding stronger players. Must do better job in finishing with weak, right hand. Was a participant on BWB Europe camp in 2018. Won the MVP award at ANGT Belgrade in 2019.


  • left hand finishing
  • athleticism
  • length
  • rim protector
  • ability to play in and out


  • not using right hand
  • could improve post skills
  • has to do better job when guarding stronger bigs

ANGT Belgrade Top performers:

Well sized forward was the MVP of the tournament and member of All Tournament team. He averaged 13.8ppg and 9rpg for only bit more than 22 minutes per game. Langovic was expected to be leader of his team and he did it in right way, proving that he is the biggest prospect coming out of his team. Left handed big guy was dominant in the paint on both sides of the floor. Offensivelly, he doesn’t complicate too much inside. Relies on his athletic advantages mostly and finishes in 90% of cases with his stronger hand. Regardless not being finesse type of big and not being able to finish with both hands, he is very sure finisher above the rim, goes for the dunk every time when possible. Showed sights of improved post skillset, but it still has room to be more versatile. Still struggles with 3p shot, had only 20%(2/10) on the tournament. Defensivelly, made his presence felt in the paint, light on his feet, has solid vertical and length which helps him being a good rim protector in perspective. Body is getting even better, upper part became tougher and stronger so he had no problem guarding other bigs on this tournament. Lefty forward was good on rebounding part, had few grab and go situations, showed that he can put the ball on the floor. Had the best game in the final, scored 18 points(7/13 FG) and grabbed 11 rebounds. Clearly, one of few top prospects coming out of this tournament, despite the fact that tournament level was really low.

ANGT Belgrade preview:

One of top prospects that will play on this tournament, without any doubts. This will be second ANGT Belgrade for Mega’s forward, last year he had 11.9ppg and 8.1. This year, Langović is having great season so far. Has 21.3ppg and 8.3rpg in Serbian U19 league, where he played only 6 games, though. 6’9 forward is also playing for OKK Beograd in Serbian 1st senior league. Regardless it is his first senior season, he puts more than solid numbers- 8.2ppg and 5.3rpg. Langovic kept improving his already good athletic abilities, runs the floor well, moves fluidly, has high level of mobility and above average vertical leap for his size. He is still big threat from both inside and outside, can dribble the ball and drive from perimeter but limited only to left side drives at the moment. Improves continuously his 3p and long range shot, but it still has ups and downs. On the other hand, inside game is more constant, still relies mostly on left hand in finishing, but post skills are becoming more versatile. Strong finisher inside the paint, good above the rim, dunks the ball anytime when it is possible. On defensive end, he should not have any major problems at this tournament. He can defend guards when switches in defense, thanks to good footwork and quickness, inside the paint, he can have slight problems with stronger bigs, but other than that, he is expected to be a real rim protector for his team.

U19 ABA League stage 1 review:

ALEKSANDAR LANGOVIĆ– ’01 6’8 PF from KK Mega Bemax can be considered as one of the top 10 performers of Junior Aba League group stage. On this tournament averaged 18.5ppg, 8.3 rpg, 1.3 apg and 1.8 bpg. Played excellent around and inside the paint, but didn’t show his full versatility. Even though he has more than solid long range shot, he struggled a lot with 3-pt shooting (1/14 in 4 games). Regardless bad perimeter shot on this tournament, Langovic was real force in the paint. Used every chance to score and dunk when he got the ball. Showed no troubles to score against stronger bigs. Did excellent job in rebounding, specially in offense. Moved great, ran the floor well, showed good athleticism once again. Good post finisher, his opponents had problems to guard him cause of his great left hand finishing and length. Still has room to improve his post skillset, which is far from polished. When he improves his strength, too, he can be even bigger threat inside the paint. Played very good defense on PnR- again thanks to his length and mobility, he is able to step up, interrupt opponent’s PG and get back to cover the paint right on time. It is very hard for his opponents to score over him. Has good timing for blocks. Needs to improve his defensive awareness, sometimes loses focus and happens that his player score easy points.

Basketball without Borders 2018 recap:

Another player from Serbia who did great job on measurements. Had also 7’3” wing span just like Pokuševski, but Langović is 3’5 inch smaller than Aleksej. Aleksandar had 36 inch max vertical and 3.48 sec 3/4 sprint which is good for his size.

Langović showed that he is efficient scorer bot inside the paint and outside of the line.  Had very good 3 point shot during the camp, and was very sure finisher in the paint, dunking every ball he could finish, specially on the left side. Still has to work on post moves, couldn’t used them against physically stronger players.

Serbia on the U17 World championship 2018:

The MVP of the u17 Serbian league final8. Versatile forward from Mega Bemax can play inside and outside. 6’9 big can stretch the floor with solid spot up perimeter shot. Good in the paint thanks to size, length and left hand. Major weakness is right hand. Takes tough shots from time to time, that’s why his percentages weren’t constant in friendly games.

ANGT Final8 preview:

Aleksandar Langović is a ’01 PF who didn’t play in previous Mega Bemax ANGT Final8. Played great as a year younger player on ANGT Belgrade in February, but this tournament will be on a totally other level. However, 6’9” left handed forward improved his game since February, won two MVP awards in Zrenjanin cup and in Serbian u17 league final8. Great left side driver and finisher around the rim, with much improved 3pt shot will be all around thread.


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2018BC Mega BemaxRODA u19 league15623121257836952124273675329019316.
2017BC Mega BemaxABA u19 league 17/1837328152765.60607145014171167.80.80.529.345
2018Serbian NTFIBA U17 WC644172149434123318286413368970.60.119.179