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Shooting guard, Point guard
Current Team
2 MILIJAŠEVIĆ Ilija, KK Dynamic Vip Pay

6’2” PG is the best player of his generation, without any doubt. Shows tremendous maturity and basketball IQ for his age.Milijašević is far ahead of his generation in all segments, which makes him a natural leader on the court. Competes with older players without any issue. Good size, taller than majority of players on his position. Body control is on the high level. Great and smooth ball handler, sure with the ball, handles the pressure very well. Very good in a transition, both with and without the ball. 3pt shot will be better as he grows as a player. Still has room to improve 1vs1 defense, as well as PnR game. Top prospect of his generation, has potential to play on the top level.


  • pull up jumper off the dribble
  • offensive versatility
  • basketball IQ and feeling for the game
  • court vision and passing skills
  • size



  • tends to overdribble
  • has room to improve on ball defense
  • could be quicker

Reba Corkovic U15 tournament 2018 top performers:

Ilija Milijasevic– #1 ranked player in ’04 generation played another tournament on level expected from him. Was the best scorer of the tournament averaging 30.3 points in 3 games. Offensively unguardable at this stage, great mixture of handles, high basketball IQ and decision making. Can finish with both hands, shot is improved, hits shots off the dribble and when spotted in rows. Natural leader, brings good decisions, has good court vision and ability to find open teammates. Handles pressure and doubleteams without problems. Did great job in D, guarded opponents best players with no major troubles, regardless their size advantage. Not the most athletic player, but proved it is not a problem neither at this point nor when playing with older guys. Showed why he is #1 ranked player once again on this tournament.

Review Serbian U15 Final8 2018:

MILIJAŠEVIĆ Ilija- ’04 PG from Mladost. #1 ranked player in his generation had no problems with older guys in the most important tournament of the season. Had 70 points in three games, 23.3 per game, still not having the best shooting tournament. Very skilled player with great, smooth ball handling. He scored 35pts in the final without a free throw. Efficient offensive player with great awareness in offense, knows how to find way to the hoop. Likes to play in transition and to push the ball down the court. Defensively, has good feeling for steals, even though he is not the most aggressive defender.


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