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1 MUŠIKIĆ Mihailo

Power forward, Center
Current Team
1 MUŠIKIĆ Mihailo, BC Mega Bemax

Mušikić is one of top long term prospects. He is an elite sized big, with good coordination for his size. Lacks of mobility and athleticism, could be faster. Has to work on his body, has thin frame, lacks of strength. 6’11 big has good level of basketball IQ, reads the game well. Post skillset is nicely polished, can finish with either hand, thanks to his size rarely gets blocked. Has soft touch in the paint, but also can score perimeter shots in solid numbers, but it will be even bigger threat in future. Defensively has major problems due to bad body, can’t guard stronger bigs inside. Can’t switch on guards, has slow legs.


  • size and length
  • perimeter shot for his size
  • rebounding
  • finishing around the rim


  • body needs work, has to get stronger
  • can’t guard stronger nor faster players
  • could be more mobile

ANGT Belgrade preview:

Regardless being underaged and rookie at ANGT tournaments, Mušikić is expected to have decent role inside the paint for his team. Elite sized big is playing again in two categories this year. In U19 league where he plays with two years older player he lacks of consistency, but still averages 8.9 ppg and only 3.9 rpg. In U17 league he plays way better and, at the moment, he has 16.7ppg and 7.4rpg, with 2.5apg, too. Mušikić can have huge contribution to his team offense with mixture of his size, post skillset, soft touch, ability to finish with both hands above the rim, but to shoot the ball from perimeter when wide open, as well. Lack of body strength and athleticism are biggest issues right now. Gets pushed out from the paint when attacks stronger bigs, but also has problems when guards them due to lack of strength. When it comes to athletic part, has really slow legs, which doesn’t allow him to outruns his opponents nor to switch with guards in defense. Mobility is improving but it needs a lot of work to get to an elite level. It will be interesting to watch him competing with other European bigs, after having only average performances at U16 EC in 2018.

U16 European championship 2018 preview:

The tallest player in Serbia roster, standing at 6’11’’ at the moment. #1 ranked in 02 generation will be starting C on this u16 EC. Mihailo had 9ppg and 6rpg in u17 league past season. Was a member of ANGT all star team in May, with Luka Tarlac. Big from Mega Bemax has great touch around the rim with potential to be solid mid range shooter.


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