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Shooting guard, Point guard
Current Team
KK Metalac

Paunovic is good sized guard standing at 6’7” at the moment. Beside size, has markable length and athleticism, as well. He is a leader of his team on the court, likes to keep his teammates involved in the game. Has great basketball IQ and decision making ability. Zoran is a mainly scorer who can get to the points in various ways. His major offensive strength, beside great IQ is dribble pull up jumper that was unreachable for majority of defenders this year thanks to his extremely high shooting release. He has great usage of a dribbling and offensive awareness. Strong first step helps him in driving to the basket, specially when going right side. Zoran is a good PnR ball handler with ability to create both for him and his teammates. 3pt shot is not on the needed level, but it is getting better. Thanks to his size and length and good vertical managed to have 7.7rpg in u19 league. Defensively, solid on ball defender, uses his long arms in stealing the ball, had 1.7spg in u19 league and 3.3spg in ANGT Belgrade in February 2018. Paunovic has to strengthen his body in order to play on higher level. Could work on shot selection, also, because he has a bad habit of taking unnecessary tough shots occasionally. Won u18 EC with Serbian NT 2018.


  • dribble pull up jumper
  • size and length
  • PnR offense and reading the game
  • driving to the basket
  • smart usage of dribbling


  • body has to be stronger
  • forces tough shots occasionally

U18 European championship 2018 preview:

The MVP of Serbian u19 league F4 and February ANGT tournament in Belgrade. Was a second in u19 regular season MVP race even though he was one year younger. To sum it up, great season is behind him. Zoran is a unique guard whose strongest weapon is dribble pull up mostly thanks to his high shot release. Good PnR reader with very high basketball IQ. This year he will play his second EC for Serbia, after having 14.6ppg at 2016 u16 European championship. 6’7” combo guard is ranked #4 in ’00 ranking.

ANGT Final8 2018 recap:

Speaking about team leaders, Zoran Paunović was expected to be leader of Crvena Zvezda team, specially after great season he had before ANGT Final8. Zoran, just like Cerovina, had serious problems with scoring outside shots. 0/11 3pt shot on tournament says enough. He managed to have double digit point average with 10.3, but with below average shot percentage(14/41, 34.1%). Paunović had couple of bright moments, scoring some tough shots, mostly out of strong right hand drive, but it wasn’t enough for his team to advance to the final game.

Preview ANGT Final8 2018:

It’s said many times this year and it is more than clear that their leader will be Zoran Paunović. ’00 guard is probably the most mentioned player in previous months. MVP of ANGT Belgrade brought Serbian title to his team after a buzzer vs Mega in the finals. He showed enormous offensive versatility this year. Beside his signature- pull up jumper with high release, Zoran showed how good PnR player he can be, as well as a driver and spot up shooter. It will be interesting to watch him in the strongest possible tournament.

RODA U19 final8 2018 review:

PAUNOVIĆ Zoran– ’00 SG/PG from winning team- Crvena zvezda. The MVP of the ANGT Belgrade, and second in the mvp race in RODA u19 league played expectedly good tournament. Led his team to the final game and clinched a gold medal with buzzer beating two pointer. Scored 64 points in 3 games, had 31 in the final game. Proved that he is becoming more and more unguardable for defenders in u19 league thanks to his size, athleticism and basketball IQ. Showed more maturity than in Junior Aba final4, was bringing better decisions offensivelly.
Hopefully he can play on the same level in less than 10 days on the ANGT finals in Belgrade.


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2017KK Crvena Zvezdau19 ABA league 17/188519114316448.442020111384.616181845.
2018Serbian NTFIBA u18 EC11724824572626125021307082115144.