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Small forward
Current Team

Elite sized wing/forward, standing at enormous 6’11”. Even though he is usually tallest on the court, plays outside rather than inside. Has great ball handling and ball control for his size and length. Oftenly takes the ball to frontcourt and organises the game thanks to his playmaking skills. Has good court vision and passing skills. Grab and go type of player, has nice feeling for grabbing rebounds. Good defensive potential, as well, good shot blocking feeling and long arms that help in both blocking shots and stealling balls. Usually has bad body language and energy level on youth games he played. Has to work on his athleticism. Lanky body, got a lot of room to improve his strength, too, regardles thin frame he has. Aleksej was MVP of the final tournament of Greek u18 league. Has biggest NBA potential out of whole generation. The youngest Olympiacos player ever to play in Euroleague game.


  • Basketball IQ
  • Ball handling for his size
  • good 3pt shot
  • size and length
  • playmaking skills and court vision


  • body not developed yet, really thin frame
  • not able to guard stronger players
  • could be faster and more explossive for a SF

ANGT Belgrade top performers:

Number one name and the most unique player from this tournament, without any doubt. 6’11 all around forward was member of All Tournament team averaging 15.8ppg, 7rpg, 3.5bpg and 2.5apg in 26 minutes per game.. Pokuševski is a go to guy that led his team to a third place on this ANGT. Has great mixture of high level mobility, elite size and length but also playmaking skills and ability to shoot the ball. Offensivelly, was everywhere for his team. Grab and go guy, scored a lot of points in transition right after grabbing rebounds. Can drive by his defenders when driving from perimeter thanks to very long first step and ballhandling skills. Uses his length to finish in the traffic and in contact. Not really active when plays without the ball, but shoots well off the screens and when spotted, too. Has still room to work on off the dribble jumper, but overall has way better shot than other 6’11 players. Great passer for his size, finds open shooters and players cutting inside. Defensively, very smartly uses his long arms to steal the ball and block shots. Pokuševski has unquestionable talent and probably biggest potential comparing to other players from this tournament, but his body language and energy level are problems. Didn’t seem as a real team player. Showed no wish to play defense and run back in more than few cases. As it was said before tournament level was low, so he managed to put good defenisve numbers. Body is still thin, but it should get stronger in future.

ANGT Belgrade preview:

Second ANGT for the only Serbian player who will play for foreign team on this tournament. Last year in Munich, he had 10ppg, 4.7rpg and 2.3 apg. This year he will be a leader of his team. Elite sized forward is already practising with Olympiakos first team and is expected to make first team debut sooner or later. Knowing that, he should be one of the main players at this tournament. 6’11 primarly a SF can play on almost all positions. Has great ball handling skills for that size, can even play as a primary ball handler thanks to good court vision, passing and organising skills. Beside that, he has tremendeous length and wingspan, but also very decent mid and long range shot. Thin frame and lack of body strength are biggest problems at this stage. Could be better defender, overall, as well. Pokuševski was supposed to be a participant of NBA Global Camp, alongside Nemanja Popovic, but didn’t go to Charlotte due administration problems.

Basketball without Borders 2018 recap:

’01 born NT player had great measurements on day1 of the camp. Had one of the best wingspans with 7’3” wing span, as well as standing jump with 137 inches and the best standing reach with 109 inches.

When it comes to on court performances, Aleksej showed great ball handling, proved that he has excellent handles, even though he is 6’11. Moves fluidly on the court, with and without ball. Worked on his mid range game and improvement was visible. Had problems in paint, when played as a 5, which is not his position. Has to upgrade his body in order to be stronger in traffic and contact game.

Serbia on the U17 World championship 2018:

Player of Olympiakos BC is the tallest player in this team, standing at 6’11”.

Even though he is that tall, play as SF or PF when needed. Came late for the training camp and didn’t play in first two friendly games vs Turkey, due to paperwork problems. With his length, versatility and skillset he has, Aleksej can be one of the key members for Serbian NT on this WC. Still looking for his spot in the team, though.


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