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4 POPOVIĆ Nemanja

Power forward, Center
Current Team
4 POPOVIĆ Nemanja, OKK Beograd

Popović is a skilled 6’8 big guy who can play both as a PF and C, and even as a SF when needed. One of the most talented players in generation. In and out player, able to play 1vs1, to face up his defender, but also to back up and play on low post thanks to his decent post skills. Solid mid range shooter, but has room to improve long range shot and shot mechanics overall. Very mobile big guy with great motorics, still could be quicker in lateral movements. Body can get stronger, specially upper part. Playing 2nd division of senior basketball this year. Was participant of BWB Global camp in 2019.


  • basketball IQ
  • offensive versatility and skillset
  • good finisher around the rim
  • great coordination and footwork for his size
  • ability to dribble the ball


  • slow lateral movements
  • has a lot of room to improve long range shot, and shot mechanics
  • body can be stronger

ANGT Belgrade top performers:

6’8 forward averaged 13.3ppg, 7.5rpg and 2.8apg for 25mpg on this tournament and made it to the All Tournament team. Had very solid tournament, knowing that he came back from BWB Global camp only few days before start of the tournament. Length, high basketball IQ and talent he has are his biggest asset at the moment and he uses them in right way. Has ability to play in and out, even though he is still bigger threat attacking from low post. Very skilled and polished down low, finishes above the rim with either hand. Can drive from perimeter when guarded by slower bigs, has long first step and good ball control for his size. Good close range shooter, even hit few floaters on this tournament. Long range shot is still in slow progress but shot mechanics has improved. Body still can be stronger, got pushed inside when guarded post players few times. Very mobile for his size, can even run the floor as a wing, but also has ability to push the ball right after he grabs the rebound. First game of the tournament was his best one. Scored 18pts and led his team, alongside Masic, to a win vs Olympiacos.

ANGT Belgrade preview:

Another big name on this tournament. Popović is very talented all around forward. Very well sized, with great wingspan and athletic predispositions. This year’s tournament will be his second ANGT. Had 7.5ppg and 4rpg in last edition of the tournament. Improved a lot since last February, specially in terms of toughness, strength and shooting accuracy. 6’8 forward started playing a lot outside, attacks from perimeter more often and has more freedom to take 3p shots. Still needs ton of work on his shot, which can be considered as his major weakness, but it is better than it used to be. Very smart decision maker, both when drives or when posts up his defenders. Has nicely polished low post skillset, can finish with either hand above the rim thanks to good length and athletic abilities. Defensively, can cover all positions, can switch with guards but also to backs down with bigs around the paint. Just like Langovic, he has also played his first senior season this year, in 2nd division, where he averaged 9.8ppg and 6.8rpg. Beside that, has 13.5ppg, 5.5rpg and 3.6apg at the moment in U19 league. Popović spent weekend before the tournament as a participant of NBA Global Camp in Charlotte.

U19 ABA League stage 1 review:

NEMANJA POPOVIĆ– ’01 born 6’9 forward played this tournament with one year older players. Popovic had very productive games, averaging 16.2ppg, 4.4rpg and 3.6apg in 29.2 minutes on the court. Very versatile offensive player, even though perimeter shot can’t be called a threat yet. He is faster than majority of players on his position, so he can drive by them when goes from perimeter. Nicely polished low post player, has great post skills and ability to score with both hands above the rim. Nemanja’s high IQ and feeling for the game are his strengths, too, knows how to use his advantages in the game. Really improved his toughness and physicality this year, gained some experience since he plays with senior players in 2nd Division. Could be giving more energy on rebounding part, but when he grabs one, can push the fast break right after. Has great court vision for a big, and ability to find open teammates. Defensively, can cover multiple positions which gives him possibility to switch with guards. Quick on his feet enough not to get exposed from perimeter at this stage. Uses his length and solid athletic abilities in blocking shots, averaged 1.4 blocks per game. When it comes to weaknesses, didn’t show too many of them at this tournament. As we’ve said, he is still far from sure outside shooter, but started hitting threes in past months, which gave him confidence to shoot them more often. Scored 2 of them in 5 games, but still missed 8.

Basketball without Borders 2018 recap:

6’8” big has very good camp behind him. Measurement wise, had good wing span- 7’1” and above average 3/4 sprint time: 3:45 secs

Moved great on the court and proved that he is great team player, having no wish to play only for himself. Did good job in the paint, showed his versatile skillset and soft touch around the rim. Has good feeling for the game, overall. Perimeter shot is still his biggest minus, but scored some shot on the last day, so it is getting better

Preview ANGT Final8 2018:

Nemanja Popović is ’01 very talented big who can play in and out. 6’9” PF played whole season with one or two years older players so this tournament will be nothing new for him. Nemanja has wide skillset on the post and ability to finish both sides. Can stretch the defense with his solid jumper. Only issue could be lack of strength comparing to other European players.


Serbia on the U17 World championship 2018:

ig guy who has won both trophies with Red star this year, with his teammates Živanović and Vasić. Very talented C/PF with great skills and soft touch around the rim. Uses both hands equally and has great abilit to put the ball on the floor. Nemanja is solid perimeter shooter, as well. Can do better job in defense. Averaged 10.4ppg in last year u16 EC.


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2018KK Crvena ZvezdaTRIGLAV u17 league14730152047805931323445777224729285.
2017KK Crvena ZvezdaABA u19 league 17/18593982240553933.36966.714237146.
2018Serbian NTFIBA U17 WC35142311323401013196841916183.320.30.4534